Cardiff Tigers humble beginning started in 2006. The club was founded and managed by the current committee members. We started this club due to our passion for cricket and to especially encourage members of the local Bangladeshi community to participate and learn about this beautiful game. But it goes to say that the club does not discriminate and our doors are open to everyone no matter their race.

When we first started we were playing friendly matches with local teams and the odd tournament. As the club grew bigger and more experienced we took the bold step to enter into the Cardiff Midweek Cricket League ( in 2011. We started off as nervous newcomers at the bottom of the league in Division 3. In the same season we became champions of Division 3 earning us the right to play in Division 2 in the  2012 season. In 2012 we missed out on promotion by few points, but in 2013 we became runners up and have been promoted to Division 1 for the 2014 season.

The club also has a Facebook group under Cardiff Tigers Cricket Club which is updated with results, stats and cricket related facts and stories.

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